1 de outubro de 2011

Average life time

 Encontrei isto por aí, fantástico!

The average American will live about 1,000 Months. Figure you sleep about 300 of those Months. Now you're down to 700. You work about 200 Months. Now you're down to 500 Months. About 200 Months in school. Now you're down to 300 Months. Now the sad part. How much time do we waste arguing, crying, doing stupid things, fighting, being mad, etc? Not much time left at this point. This is why it's so important to appreciate and to make productive every moment of time given to us in life. It's true as the song goes "we're all here for just a very short time". The mission the Universe gives us is to grow our souls and gain knowledge and wisdom while on this adventure we call Life, to use the power of creative energy, love and compassion to help others grow and prosper, to innovate and build a better world for each generation behind us, and to be thankful each day for all the magnificent wonderful moments we experience and are blessed with as well as all those tough times that challenge and test us, which in retrospect are the ones which enable us to grow the most and discover the true meaning of Life. Each day, if we all take a moment of our time to do a good deed for someone else that will be 7 Billion good deeds a day. Think how amazingly powerful that force of goodness is! So value your time and give as much as you can of it towards things that have good purpose for your life, and for others too. And finally, this is a period in the history of mankind, when we should all give time from our life to work together and harness the creative genius within each of our minds to brainstorm the solutions we need to get all these challenging problems the world is dealing with fixed. Unified creative thinking can accomplish and overcome anything.

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